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Learning outcomes for sustainable development in higher education
Purpose - This paper sets out to discuss the commonalities that can be found in learning outcomes (LOs) for education for sustainable development in the context of the Tbilisi and BarcelonaExpand
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Embedding sustainability in higher education through interaction with lecturers: Case studies from three European technical universities
In this paper, three universities compare their work on the integration of sustainable development into their educational programmes. The purpose is to show examples of how this can be done and toExpand
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Sewage sludge handling with phosphorus utilization – life cycle assessment of four alternatives
Abstract Four handling options for sewage sludge were studied from an environmental system's perspective using life cycle assessment. The studied options were restoration of mining areas, compostingExpand
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A Carbon Footprint of Textile Recycling: A Case Study in Sweden
Global population growth and rising living standards are increasing apparel consumption. Consequently, consumption of resources and generation of textile waste are increasing. According to theExpand
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Environmental assessment of supercritical water oxidation of sewage sludge
Environmental aspects of using supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) to treat sewage sludge were studied using a life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology. The system studied is the first commercialExpand
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Climate impact assessment in life cycle assessments of forest products : implications of method choice for results and decision making
As life cycle assessments are often conducted to provide decision support, it is important that impact assessment methodology is consistent with the intended decision context. The currently most usExpand
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Life cycle assessment of pig slurry treatment technologies for nutrient redistribution in Denmark.
Animal slurry management is associated with a range of impacts on fossil resource use and the environment. The impacts are greatest when large amounts of nutrient-rich slurry from livestockExpand
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Review of Environmental Assessment Case Studies Blending Elements of Risk Assessment and Life Cycle Assessment.
Risk assessment (RA) and life cycle assessment (LCA) are two analytical tools used to support decision making in environmental management. This study reviewed 30 environmental assessment case studiesExpand
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A life cycle assessment (LCA)-based approach to guiding an industry sector towards sustainability: the case of the Swedish apparel sector
The environmental challenges associated with consumption of textiles have generally been investigated on product level in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. For social sustainability aspects,Expand
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Will clothing be sustainable? Clarifying sustainable fashion
The Mistra Future Fashion research programme (2011–2019) is a large Swedish investment aimed at reducing the environmental impact of clothing consumption. Midway into the programme, research resultsExpand
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