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Disuse atrophy alterations in normal and low temperature environments during hindlimb unloading in Syrian hamsters.
This study examined whether a hypothermic environment reduces experimentally-induced atrophy of skeletal muscle, as judged by histochemical findings. The hind limbs of hamsters in a hypothermic groupExpand
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Changes in Molecular Weights and Molecular Weight Distributions of Differently Stranded Nucleic Acids after Sonication: Gel Permeation Chromatography/Low Angle Laser Light Scattering Evaluation and
Changes of weight-average molecular weights (Mw) and the molecular weight distributions in terms of weight fraction (gw) were evaluated in the course of sonication for three nucleic acids inExpand
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Nano-kinetics of probe-particles in solution visualized by a pin-fiber video scope.
The nano-kinetics of colloidal particles and living cells with the colloidal particles were visualized by a newly developed video scope. The system of the new video scope has a feature of fineExpand
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Trapping of secreted molecules at single-cell level using an HPLC resin particle under a videomicroscope.
Particles of HPLC resins are used for the trapping of secreted molecules from a single cell. The basic molecules, e.g., histamine, are secreted from a single RBL-2H3 cell by granule exocytosis andExpand
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Observation and analysis of single DNA nano-kinetics by pin-fiber video scope.
The nano-kinetic movement of a single DNA molecule was observed and analyzed by a newly developed video-microscope system with an optical fiber, called a pin-fiber video scope. A single lambda-DNAExpand
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Manipulation of a Single DNA Molecule under the Pin-Fiber Video Scope
1本の光ファイバーにより顕微照明を行うビデオマイクロスコープ法(ピンファイバービデオマイクロスコープ法)を開発し,蛍光色素YOYO-1で染色したλ-phage DNAの伸張過程をリアルタイムで観察した.そのため,微小流動装置を用いた固定法を開発し,DNA光切断現象の評価も行った.まずpoly-L-lysineコートしたカバーガラス上へのλ-phageExpand
Visualization and dynamic size evaluation of nanoparticles in solution by single optical fiber-illuminated video microscope analysis.
AIM It is hoped that nanoparticles will become ever more useful in the development of nanomedicine. To evaluate the behavior of nanoparticles in solution, we aimed to establish a single opticalExpand
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