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Transformation of the Nitrogen Cycle: Recent Trends, Questions, and Potential Solutions
Humans continue to transform the global nitrogen cycle at a record pace, reflecting an increased combustion of fossil fuels, growing demand for nitrogen in agriculture and industry, and pervasiveExpand
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How a century of ammonia synthesis changed the world
On 13 October 1908, Fritz Haber filed his patent on the "synthesis of ammonia from its elements" for which he was later awarded the 1918 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. A hundred years on we live in aExpand
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The global nitrogen cycle in the twenty-first century
  • D. Fowler, M. Coyle, +15 authors M. Voss
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B…
  • 5 July 2013
Global nitrogen fixation contributes 413 Tg of reactive nitrogen (Nr) to terrestrial and marine ecosystems annually of which anthropogenic activities are responsible for half, 210 Tg N. The majorityExpand
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Full accounting of the greenhouse gas (CO2, N2O, CH4) budget of nine European grassland sites
Soussana, J. F., Allard, V., Pilegaard, K., Ambus, P., Ammann, C., Campbell, C. L., Ceschia, E., Clifton-Brown, J. C., Czobel, S., Domingues, R., Flechard, C. R., Fuhrer, J., Hensen, A., Horvath, L.,Expand
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Ammonia: emission, atmospheric transport and deposition
The global emission of ammonia (NH 3 ) is about 54 Mt N. The major global sources are excreta from domestic animals and fertilizers, but oceans, biomass burning and crops are also important. AboutExpand
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Review and parameterisation of bi-directional ammonia exchange between vegetation and the atmosphere
Abstract. Current deposition schemes used in atmospheric chemical transport models do not generally account for bi-directional exchange of ammonia (NH3). Bi-directional exchange schemes, which haveExpand
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The European Nitrogen Assessment: Sources, Effects and Policy Perspectives
List of contributors Preface Summary for policymakers Technical summary 1. Assessing our nitrogen inheritance Part I. Nitrogen in Europe: The Present Position: 2. The European nitrogen problem in aExpand
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The effect of out-of-plane motion on 2D and 3D digital image correlation measurements
Abstract The effect of out-of-plane motion (including out-of-plane translation and rotation) on two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) digital image correlation measurements is demonstratedExpand
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Greenhouse gas emissions from European soils under different land use: effects of soil moisture and temperature
In order to estimate potential greenhouse gas flux rates from soils under different land use and climate, and to particularly assess the influence of soil temperature and soil moisture, we measuredExpand
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Atmospheric composition change: Ecosystems–Atmosphere interactions
Ecosystems and the atmosphere: This review describes the state of understanding the processes involved in the exchange of trace gases and aerosols between the earth's surface and the atmosphere. TheExpand
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