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The effects of an oral multivitamin combination with calcium, magnesium, and zinc on psychological well-being in healthy young male volunteers: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial
Abstract. Rationale: Vitamin and mineral supplements may be associated with improved psychological status. Objective: The present study tested the effects of a multivitamin and mineral supplementExpand
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10Be and dust
The 10Be flux at a given geographical location consists of recent atmospherically produced 10Be and of recycled 10Be, which is brought in with dust particles. The importance of the latter fractionExpand
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On the analysis of iodine-129 and iodine-127 in environmental materials by accelerator mass spectrometry and ion chromatography.
Based on a review of literature about the abundances of 129I (T1/2 = 15.7 Ma) in the environment we show that there is a severe lack of knowledge, in particular about natural, pre-nuclear levels.Expand
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Determination of 129I/127I in aerosol samples in Seville (Spain).
In this work we present results of the (129)I/(127)I ratio in aerosols of Seville, Southwest of Spain (37.4 degrees N,6 degrees W). A radiochemical method is applied to extract the iodine from theExpand
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Relative influence of 129I sources in a sediment core from the Kattegat area.
The depth profiles of the (129)I concentration and the (129)I/(127)I ratio in a surface sediment core from the Kattegat area have been analyzed in order to obtain information about the differentExpand
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Intestinal absorption of trace amounts of aluminium in rats studied with 26aluminium and accelerator mass spectrometry.
1. Until recently studies of intestinal aluminium absorption used pharmacological amounts of stable 27Al. 2. To examine the intestinal absorption of trace amounts of different chemical compounds ofExpand
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Calculation of the finesse of an ideal Fabry-Perot resonator.
A new derivation of an exact finesse F for the description of an optical resonator is reported. The finesse is derived using the superposition principle of plane waves in an ideal Fabry-PerotExpand
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Automated generation of visual simulation databases using remote sensing and GIS
This paper reports on the development of a strategy to generate databases used for real-time interactive landscape visualization from remote sensing imagery recorded by Landsat's Thematic Mapper (TM) and digital elevation models (DEM). Expand
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The PSI/ETH small radiocarbon dating system
A small and compact radiocarbon dating system has been built at PSI/ETH. The system is based on a National Electrostatics Corporation (NEC) pelletron accelerator with a maximum terminal voltage ofExpand
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