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Cultural Psychology: Who Needs It?
CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 497 CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY: SOME CONTEXTS 498 The Disciplinary Context 499 The Historical Context 503 The Institutional Context 504 CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY: SOME ASSUMPTIONS 505 TheExpand
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Injectable, sustained-release naltrexone for the treatment of opioid dependence: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.
CONTEXT Oral naltrexone can completely antagonize the effects produced by opioid agonists. However, poor compliance with naltrexone has been a major obstacle to the effective treatment of opioidExpand
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Abuse Liability of Prescription Opioids Compared to Heroin in Morphine-Maintained Heroin Abusers
Abuse of prescription opioid medications has increased dramatically in the United States during the past decade, as indicated by a variety of epidemiological sources. However, few studies haveExpand
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Treatment of depression in patients with opiate dependence
Depression is common among opiate-dependent patients and has been associated with worse prognosis. This article reviews the literature on treatment of depressive disorders and symptoms among patientsExpand
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The effects of dronabinol during detoxification and the initiation of treatment with extended release naltrexone.
BACKGROUND Evidence suggests that the cannabinoid system is involved in the maintenance of opioid dependence. We examined whether dronabinol, a cannabinoid receptor type 1 partial agonist, reducesExpand
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Sex differences and hormonal influences on response to cold pressor pain in humans.
UNLABELLED Although most studies show that women have higher subjective pain ratings in response to painful stimuli, there is less consistency across studies with regard to the influence of gonadalExpand
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The relationship between opioid and sugar intake: review of evidence and clinical applications.
Opioid dependence poses significant public health risks arising from associated morbidity and mortality caused by accidents, infectious diseases, and social ramifications of crime and unemployment,Expand
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Naltrexone treatment for opioid dependence: does its effectiveness depend on testing the blockade?
BACKGROUND FDA approval of long-acting injectable naltrexone (Vivitrol) for opioid dependence highlights the relevance of understanding mechanisms of antagonist treatment. Principles of learningExpand
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Long-Acting Injectable Naltrexone Induction: A Randomized Trial of Outpatient Opioid Detoxification With Naltrexone Versus Buprenorphine.
OBJECTIVE At present there is no established optimal approach for transitioning opioid-dependent adults to extended-release injection naltrexone (XR-naltrexone) while preventing relapse. The authorsExpand
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Abuse and misuse of antidepressants
Background Rates of prescription drug abuse have reached epidemic proportions. Large-scale epidemiologic surveys of this under-recognized clinical problem have not included antidepressants despiteExpand
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