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Angiotensin II is associated with activation of NF-kappaB-mediated genes and downregulation of PPARs.
In vivo results indicate that ANG II, through activation of NF-kappaB-mediated pro-inflammatory genes, promotes vascular inflammation, leading to acceleration of atherosclerosis and induction of aneurysm in apoE-KO mice. Expand
Hemodynamic changes in apolipoprotein E-knockout mice.
  • C. Hartley, A. Reddy, +8 authors Y X Wang
  • Medicine
  • American journal of physiology. Heart and…
  • 1 November 2000
Apolipoprotein E-knockout mice have phenotypic alterations in indexes of peripheral vascular resistance and compliance and significantly elevated cardiac outflow velocities and heart weight-to-body weight ratios. Expand
Increased aortic stiffness assessed by pulse wave velocity in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.
Results demonstrate for the first time that aortic stiffness determined by PWV increases in 13-mo-old apoE-KO mice, indicating endothelial dysfunction and elastic destruction in vascular wall caused by atherosclerosis may have contributed. Expand
Nitric oxide synthase inhibition increases aortic stiffness measured by pulse wave velocity in rats.
It is demonstrated that NO modulates vascular compliance independent of blood pressure changes and that an intact endogenous NO system is required to maintain normal vascular compliance. Expand
Angiotensin II increases urokinase-type plasminogen activator expression and induces aneurysm in the abdominal aorta of apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.
Ang II infusion results in macrophage infiltration, increased uPA activity, and aneurysm formation in the abdominal aorta of apoE-KO mice, consistent with a causal role for uPA in the pathogenesis of AAA. Expand
Enalapril attenuates angiotensin II-induced atherosclerosis and vascular inflammation.
An important role for Ang II-independent mechanisms in the antiatherogenic and anti-inflammatory effects of ACE inhibitors is suggested. Expand
Anti-atherosclerotic effect of simvastatin depends on the presence of apolipoprotein E.
The results suggest that the therapeutic effects of simvastatin may depend on the presence of a functional apolipoprotein E. Expand
Gait analysis in a murine model of collagen-induced arthritis
The results showed that increases in clinical scores that measure the severity of CIA corresponded to changes in multiple gait parameters that reflect both morphologic and functional deficits, which indicated that the non-invasive video-capture device may be used as a simple and objective data acquisition system for quantifying gait disturbances in CIA mice. Expand
Noninvasive measurement of abdominal aortic aneurysms in intact mice by a high-frequency ultrasound imaging system.
A novel application to noninvasively measure AAA development and progress in a mouse model using a high-frequency US imaging system that has the advantages of low cost, rapid imaging speed, reproducibility and high resolution is established and validated. Expand
Cell-based assays for profiling activity and safety properties of cancer drugs.
This study established a multiple assay platform for profiling in vitro properties of cancer drugs and will help to expedite lead selection at early stage of drug discovery. Expand