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The positivity imperative: a critical look at the ‘new’ youth development movement
The field of youth development, long given over to discussions of youth as a time of storm and stress, raging hormones and problem behavior, has increasingly turned to look at the ‘sunny side’ of
Youth Rising?: The Politics of Youth in the Global Economy
Over the last decade, «youth» has become increasingly central to policy, development, media and public debates and conflicts across the world ­ whether as an ideological symbol, social category or
In the best interests of youth or neoliberalism? The World Bank and the New Global Youth Empowerment Project
Youth, and youth employment especially, have jumped to the forefront of the international development agenda, driven by new funding and reporting priorities of the World Bank and allied international
On the Problem of Over-researched Communities: The Case of the Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Concerns about the problem of over-research have been reported in communities around the world, and across a wide range of fields of social science research practice for decades. Yet, despite this,
Putting school commercialism in context: a global history of Junior Achievement Worldwide
The literature on school commercialism, despite a number of successes in battling advertising and marketing in schools, has often seemed to only scratch the surface of corporatization of K‐12
Subcontracting Academia: Alienation, Exploitation and Disillusionment in the UK Overseas Syrian Refugee Research Industry
As the political economy of social science research has shifted, subcontracted research assistants have taken over an ever growing part of the research process. In this article, we report on a case
On the political economy of youth: a comment
ABSTRACT This article is written as a brief comment on a recent discussion that has taken place in the pages of the Journal of Youth Studies on the question of youth, youth studies and political
The deradicalisation of education: terror, youth and the assault on learning
A high profile anti-radicalisation agenda in schools and other educational institutions throughout Europe has risen in response to terrorist attacks on European countries in the first decades of the
On Class, Culture, and the Creation of the Neoliberal Subject: The Case of Jordan
ABSTRACT: A growing body of literature in anthropology, geography, and development studies argues for the need to recognize the importance of local agency, resistance, and contestation in processes
Decolonizing education, a view from Palestine: an interview with Munir Fasheh
  • M. Sukarieh
  • Education
    International Studies in Sociology of Education
  • 3 April 2019
The first person who inspired me in relation to learning and moved my imagination in directions that stayed with me until this day was Khalil Sakakini, who in 1896, when he was 18 years old, wrote a