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The dilation property of modulation spaces and their inclusion relation with Besov spaces
Abstract We consider the dilation property of the modulation spaces M p , q . Let D λ : f ( t ) ↦ f ( λ t ) be the dilation operator, and we consider the behavior of the operator norm ‖ D λ ‖ M p , qExpand
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Global L 2-Boundedness Theorems for a Class of Fourier Integral Operators
ABSTRACT The local L 2-mapping property of Fourier integral operators has been established in Hörmander (1971) and in Eskin (1970). In this article, we treat the global L 2-boundedness for a class ofExpand
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The inclusion relation between Sobolev and modulation spaces
The inclusion relations between the $L^p$-Sobolev spaces and the modulation spaces is determined explicitly. As an application, mapping properties of unimodular Fourier multiplier $e^{i|D|^\alpha}$Expand
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Global L2-boundedness theorems for a class of Fourier integral operators
The local $L^2$-mapping property of Fourier integral operators has been established in H\"ormander \cite{H} and in Eskin \cite{E}. In this paper, we treat the global $L^2$-boundedness for a class ofExpand
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Pseudo-differential operators on Besov spaces
In the present paper, we shall study the pseudo-differential operators or Besov spaces BPi<l (s<=/2, p, <?e[l, oo]), and give systematical boundedness theorems for pseudo-differentialoperators whoseExpand
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Weighted Sobolev L2 estimates for a class of Fourier integral operators
In this paper we develop elements of the global calculus of Fourier integral operators in under minimal decay assumptions on phases and amplitudes. We also establish global weighted Sobolev L2Expand
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Intervarietal chimera formation in cabbage (Brassica oleracea L.).
A histological and genetical study was done on intervarietal graft chimeras between "Yo-shin kanran" (green colored) and "Murasaki kanran" (purple colored) in cabbage (Brassica oleracea). When theExpand
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