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Evolvable Documents – an Initial Conceptualization
A generic conceptualization leading to evolvable documents applicable in any documentation domain is presented, and next steps are proposed. Expand
"Data Stewardship Wizard": A Tool Bringing Together Researchers, Data Stewards, and Data Experts around Data Management Planning
The context and motivation for the Data Stewardship Wizard is discussed, the architecture of the tool is explained, and key functions, such as the knowledge model evolvability and migrations, assembling data management plans, metrics and evaluation of datamanagement plans are presented. Expand
Designing an Ontology for Semantic Integration of Various Conceptual Models
This paper is focused on initial steps towards the integration of conceptual models by the foundation of Ontology for Conceptual Models Integration to capture the knowledge about various conceptual modelling languages, including process, event, and object-role modelling. Expand
Evolvability Evaluation of Conceptual-Level Inheritance Implementation Patterns
Problems caused by single and multiple inheritance with respect to increasing accidental complexity of a model are discussed and various patterns that can be used to transform conceptual-level inheritance into implementation with Respect to code evolvability are evaluated. Expand
Case-Study-Based Review of Approaches for Transforming UML Class Diagrams to OWL and Vice Versa
  • M. Suchánek, R. Pergl
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 22nd Conference on Business Informatics (CBI…
  • 1 June 2020
This paper reviews key methods for transforming UML to OWL and vice versa and uses a non-trivial conceptual model that contains all commonly used constructs, e.g., generalization sets, composition, or relationships with constraints. Expand
Progress on Data Stewardship Wizard during BioHackathon Europe 2020
We used the Virtual BioHackathon Europe 2020 to work on a number of projects for improvement of the data stewardship wizard: (a) We made first steps to analysis of what is needed to make allExpand
Evolvable and Machine-Actionable Modular Reports for Service-Oriented Architecture
This paper introduces evolvable and machine-actionable reports that can be sent between services, and allows linking semantics using technologies from semantic web and ontology engineering, mainly JSON-LD and Schema.org. Expand
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