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Bioaccumulation and biochemical markers in feral crab (Carcinus maenas) exposed to moderate environmental contamination—The impact of non‐contamination‐related variables
Moderate contamination is a challenging scenario for ecotoxicologists because of the occurrence of subtle biomarker responses and the increased relevance of non‐contamination related variables. ThisExpand
Life history, reproduction, and production of Gammarus chevreuxi (Amphipoda:Gammaridae) in the Ria de Aveiro, northwestern Portugal
Abstract We quantified abundance and biomass of the amphipod Gammarus chevreuxi Sexton from benthic cores, sampled monthly over 1 y in the upper reaches of Canal de Mira, the southern arm of the RiaExpand
Host use pattern of the pea crab Afropinnotheres monodi: Potential effects on its reproductive success and geographical expansion
The successful settlement of the African pea crab Afropinnotheres monodi in the Bay of Cadiz was analysed to gain new insights into the evolution of pea crab parasite life history traits. The peaExpand
The impact of extreme turbidity events on the nursery function of a temperate European estuary with regulated freshwater inflow
Abstract Estuaries are used as nursery grounds by numerous marine species despite being usually subject to strong anthropogenic disturbances. Abundances of marine recruits (fish and crustaceanExpand
Multivariate methods and artificial neural networks in the assessment of the response of infaunal assemblages to sediment metal contamination and organic enrichment.
A 4-year annual sediment survey was conducted in an organically enriched tidal channel to compare the performance of univariate community descriptors, traditional multivariate techniques (TM) andExpand
On the Occurrence of Afropinnotheres monodi Manning, 1993 (Decapoda: Pinnotheridae) in European Waters
Abstract Heretofore, the pinnotherid crab, Afropinnotheres monodi, had been recorded only from African waters. The range is now extended into European waters with discovery of material in the Gulf ofExpand
Testing MEDOCC and BOPA indices in shallow soft-bottom communities in the Spanish Mediterranean coastal waters
Abstract The implementation of the European Water Framework Directive has enhanced the development of several indices based on benthic invertebrate communities. Some of them, such as BOPA, simplifyExpand
Response of different biotic indices to gradients of organic enrichment in Mediterranean coastal waters: Implications of non-monotonic responses of diversity measures
Abstract According to the Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/CE), assessment methods for the biological quality element benthic invertebrates must include diversity, abundance andExpand
Temperate rocky subtidal reef community reveals human impacts across the entire food web
Food webs as representations of who eats whom are at the core of community ecology. Incorporation of tools from network theory enables assessment of how complex systems respond to natural andExpand
Nekton response to freshwater inputs in a temperate European estuary with regulated riverine inflow.
The aim of this 12-year study was to assess the nekton (fish, decapod crustaceans) response to freshwater inputs (rainfall, dam discharges) in a temperate estuary with regulated riverine inflow.Expand