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Seeking Safety: The Relation between CEO Inside Debt Holdings and the Riskiness of Firm Investment and Financial Policies
CEO inside debt holdings (pension benefits and deferred compensation) are generally unsecured and unfunded liabilities of the firm. Because these characteristics of inside debt expose the CEO toExpand
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The expanding range of Undaria pinnatifida in southern New Zealand: distribution, dispersal mechanisms and the invasion of wave-exposed environments
Very few studies have addressed how the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida (Harvey) Suringar spreads beyond initial founding populations in harbours. Surveys of the harbours and accessible areas ofExpand
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Coprological Surveys of Alouatta pigra at Two Sites in Belize
Fecal samples were collected from black howler monkeys (Alouatta pigra) in north central Belize and analyzed for evidence of endoparasite life stages. At least six types of endoparasites were foundExpand
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Primates and parasites: A case for a multidisciplinary approach
Examinations of primate parasitic infections can inform both primatologists and parasitologists about evolutionary and ecological relationships. Interspecific, intraspecific, and interindividualExpand
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Effects of seasonal growth rate on morphological variation of Undaria pinnatifida (Alariaceae, Phaeophyceae)
Undaria pinnatifida (Harvey) Suringar is currently divided into two morphological forms, f. typica Yendo. and f. distans Miyabe & Okamura. The objective of this study was to determine the effects ofExpand
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Short sellers and the informativeness of stock prices with respect to future earnings
We examine whether short interest improves the informativeness of stock prices with respect to future earnings. We find that short selling strengthens the relation between current returns and futureExpand
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A Coprological Survey of Parasites of Wild Muriquis, Brachyteles arachnoides, and Brown Howling Monkeys, Alouatta fusca
One hundred twenty-eight fecal exami- nations from 57 muriquis or woolly spider monkeys, Brachyteles arachnoides, and 62 fecal samples from 9 brown howling monkeys, Alouatta fusca, that coexist inExpand
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Plastinated Specimens Can Improve the Conceptual Quality of Biology Labs
N \| ot all students perceive the advantages inherent within the traditional introductory biology laboratory experience. As biologists, we feel that the importance and relevance of biology should beExpand
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