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Using run time traces in automated programming tutoring
The use of automated trace generation for assisting students in assisting them to retrace the complete system behaviour and to find erroneous programming statements is discussed. Expand
An architecture for modular grading and feedback generation for complex exercises
  • M. Striewe
  • Computer Science
  • Sci. Comput. Program.
  • 1 November 2016
This paper aims to discuss and evaluate key architectural concepts of JACK in terms of components, interfaces, and communication and shows how the architectural concept stands the test in an actual large scale deployment. Expand
Computer aided assessments and programming exercises with JACK
This report includes a detailed system description, experiences and evaluations from using the system, plans for future development and a brief overview about related work and discussions. Expand
A Review of Static Analysis Approaches for Programming Exercises
Different principal approaches and different tools for static analysis are presented, evaluated and compared regarding their usefulness in learning scenarios and the goal is to draw a connection between the technical outcomes of source code analysis and the didactical benefits that can be gained from it for programming education and feedback generation. Expand
ProFormA: An XML-based exchange format for programming tasks
In diesem Beitrag wird ein erweiterbares XML-basiertes Format zum Austausch of Programmieraufgaben vorgestellt, das bereits von mehreren Systemen prototypisch genutzt wird. Expand
Towards an Agile Foundation for the Creation and Enactment of Software Engineering Methods : The SEMAT Approach
The Software Engineering Method and Theory (SEMAT) initiative seeks to develop a rigorous, theoretically sound basis for software engineering methods. In contrast to previous software engineeringExpand
Towards Deriving Programming Competencies from Student Errors
Evaluating the outcomes of automatic assessment tools that provide automatic feedback to the participating students and analyzing the errors of the students that participated in an introductory programming course provides interesting insights into missing competencies. Expand
Towards competency based testing and feedback: Competency definition and measurement in the field of algorithms & data structures
A study on the outcomes of several assignments that represents one step of this process to identify a set of relevant competencies in the domain of object-oriented programming (OOP), to develop a suitable competency model to represent their structure and to construct proper corresponding test instruments. Expand
Using a Triple Graph Grammar for State Machine Implementations
A Triple Graph Grammar is defined for the mapping from a modeling tool data format to source code and a sample set of transformation rules are derived from this to enable truly simultaneous manipulation of model and code. Expand
A Flexible and Modular Software Architecture for Computer Aided Assessments and Automated Marking
A flexible and modular so ftware architecture for computer aided assessments and automated marking of exercise solutions is described and an appropriate complete solution is presented by depicting a distributed, extendable, serverbased assessment environment. Expand