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Measuring intrafamily conflict and violence: The Conflict Tactics (CT) Scales.
Development of research on intrafamily conflict and violence requires both conceptual clarity and measures of the concepts. The introduction to this paper therefore seeks to clarifj and distinguishExpand
The Revised Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS2)
This article describes a revised Conflict Tactics Scales (the CTS2) to measure psychological and physical attacks on a partner in a marital, cohabiting, or dating relationship; and also use ofExpand
Identification of child maltreatment with the Parent-Child Conflict Tactics Scales: development and psychometric data for a national sample of American parents.
A parent-to-child version of the Conflict Tactics Scales, the CTSPC is better suited to measuring child maltreatment than the original CTS and is practical for epidemiological research on child malt treatment and for clinical screening. Expand
Prevalence of Violence Against Dating Partners by Male and Female University Students Worldwide
The results reveal both important differences and similarities between universities. Expand
Dominance and symmetry in partner violence by male and female university students in 32 nations
The study investigated the widely held beliefs that physical violence against partners (PV) in marital, cohabiting, and dating relationships is almost entirely perpetrated by men, and that the majorExpand
Behind Closed Doors: Violence in the American Family
PART ONE: THE ISSUES Violence in the Home PART TWO: THE VIOLENT FAMILY The Marriage License as a Hitting License Spare the Rod? Kids Will Be Kids Violence Between Brothers and Sisters PART THREE:Expand
Societal Change and Change in Family Violence from 1975 to 1985 As Revealed by Two National Surveys
Comparisons between two national surveys conducted in 1975 and 1985 on the rates of physical violence against children and spouses are presented in this article. The sample consisted of 2143 familiesExpand
Corporal Punishment by American Parents: National Data on Prevalence, Chronicity, Severity, and Duration, in Relation to Child and Family Characteristics
There is a need for psychology and sociology textbooks to reverse the current tendency to almost ignore CP and instead treat it as a major aspect of the socialization experience of American children and for developmental psychologists to be cognizant of the likelihood that parents are using CP far more often than even advocates of CP recommend. Expand
A Short Form of the Revised Conflict Tactics Scales, and Typologies for Severity and Mutuality
Although the short form of the CTS2 does not identify as many cases of partner violence as the full scale, it does identify a large number of cases and if there is insufficient time for the full Scale, can be a useful screening instrument. Expand