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The Gender of the Gift: Problems with Women and Problems with Society in Melanesia
In the most original and ambitious synthesis yet undertaken in Melanesian scholarship, Marilyn Strathern argues that gender relations have been a particular casualty of unexamined assumptions held byExpand
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Audit Cultures: Anthropological Studies in Accountability, Ethics and the Academy
Introduction 1. The analytic and textual practices of the International Monetary Fund: an examination of international auditing 2. Coercive accountability: The new audit culture and its impact onExpand
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After Nature: English Kinship in the Late Twentieth Century
Central as kinship has been to the development of British social anthropology, this is the first attempt by an anthropologist to situate ideas about English kinship in a cultural context. Based onExpand
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The Tyranny of Transparency
What might an academic and a social anthropologist have to say about ‘making the invisible visible’? Taking its title from a paper by Tsoukas (‘The Tyranny of Light’), the result is a short excursu...
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Cutting the Network
Les nouvelles technologies ont rouvert un vieux debat concernant les descriptions de la vie sociale et les approches considerees novatrices ou surranees. Repondant a l'appel lance par Latour, quiExpand
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Reproducing the Future: Essays on Anthropology, Kinship and the New Reproductive Technologies
Artificial life kinship assisted enterprise kinship - consumer choice and the new reproductive technologies future kinship and the study of culture between a Melanesianist and a feminist parts andExpand
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Kinship, Law and the Unexpected: Relatives are Always a Surprise
Preface Part I. Divided Origins: Introduction: divided origins 1. Relatives are always a surprise: biotechnology in an age of individualism 2. Embedded science 3. Emergent properties Part II. TheExpand
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Property, Substance and Effect: Anthropological Essays on Persons and Things
The ethnographic insight. Part 1 Effects: prefigured features the aesthetics of substance refusing information. Part 2 Properties: new economic forms - a report the new modernities divisions ofExpand
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Welcome to Cyberia: Notes on the Anthropology of Cyberculture [and Comments and Reply]
Significant changes in the nature of social life are being brought about by computer, information, and biological technologies, to the extent that-some argue-a new cultural order, "cyberculture," isExpand
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