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The Regional World: Territorial Development in a Global Economy
Part 1. Regions as Relations and Conventions. The Resurgence of Regional Economies, Ten Years Later. Regional Economies as Relational Assets. Part 2. Evolution and Territorial Development. The
Buzz: face-to-face contact and the urban economy
This paper argues that existing models of urban concentrations are incomplete unless grounded in the most fundamental aspect of proximity; face-to-face contact, and develops formal economic models of two of them.
The Resurgence of Regional Economies, Ten Years Later
Since the early 1980s, social scientists have increas ingly focused upon the significance of the region to the organization of economic life. This article considers three main lines of analysis which
The Economic Geography of the Internet Age
This paper combines the perspective of an international economist with that of an economic geographer to reflect on how and to what extent the Internet will affect the location of economic activity.
Worlds of Production: The Action Frameworks of the Economy
Theorizing Economic Diversity and Economic Action Action and Diversity versus Models of Growth Possible Worlds of Production Firms, Profits, Work, and Innovation Situating Firms in Worlds of
Rethinking Human Capital, Creativity and Urban Growth
Do jobs follow people or do people follow jobs? A number of currently prominent approaches to urbanization respond to this question by privileging the role of individual locational choice in response
Regions, Globalization, Development
S COTT A. J. and S TORPER M. (2003) Regions, globalization, development , Reg. Studies 37 , 579-593. Regional economies are synergy-laden systems of physical and relational assets, and intensifying
The territorial dynamics of innovation: a Europe-United States Comparative Analysis
The United States and European Union differ significantly in terms of their innovative capacity: the former have been able to gain and maintain world leadership in innovation and technology while the