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Climate change impacts on glaciers and runoff in Tien Shan (Central Asia)
Climate-driven changes in glacier-fed streamflow regimes have direct implications on freshwater supply, irrigation and hydropower potential. Reliable information about current and future glaciationExpand
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21st century climate change in the European Alps--a review.
Reliable estimates of future climate change in the Alps are relevant for large parts of the European society. At the same time, the complex Alpine region poses considerable challenges to climateExpand
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Analysis and dynamic modeling of a moraine failure and glacier lake outburst flood at Ventisquero Negro, Patagonian Andes (Argentina)
Summary Although moraine dams are inherently prone to failure because of their often weak structure, loose internal composition and lack of an engineered spillway, the understanding of dam breachingExpand
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Tree-ring analysis in natural hazards research ? an overview
The understanding of geomorphic processes and knowledge of past events are important tasks for the assess- ment of natural hazards. Tree rings have on varied occasions proved to be a reliable toolExpand
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Glacial lakes in the Indian Himalayas--from an area-wide glacial lake inventory to on-site and modeling based risk assessment of critical glacial lakes.
Glacial lake hazards and glacial lake distributions are investigated in many glaciated regions of the world, but comparably little attention has been given to these topics in the Indian Himalayas. InExpand
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Magnitude-frequency relationships of debris flows - a case study based on field surveys and tree-ring records
Debris-flow activity in a watershed is usually defined in terms of magnitude and frequency. While magnitude–frequency (M–F) relations have long formed the basis for risk assessment and engineeringExpand
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Regional projections of North Indian climate for adaptation studies.
Adaptation is increasingly important for regions around the world where large changes in climate could have an impact on populations and industry. The Brahmaputra-Ganges catchments have a largeExpand
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How much of the real avalanche activity can be captured with tree rings? An evaluation of classic dendrogeomorphic approaches and comparison with historical archives
In snow-rich areas, snow avalanches endanger settlements and cause heavy damage to infrastructure or transportation routes. In wooded avalanche paths, dendrogeomorphology has been used extensively toExpand
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Differentiating past events on a cone influenced by debris-flow and snow avalanche activity – a dendrogeomorphological approach
Dendrogeomorphology was used to investigate past events on a cone affected by both debris flows and snow avalanches. We report on results of 520 cores from 251 injured Larix decidua Mill. and PiceaExpand
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Adaptation to changing water resources in the Ganges basin, northern India
An ensemble of regional climate model (RCM) runs from the EU HighNoon project are used to project future air temperatures and precipitation on a 25 km grid for the Ganges basin in northern India,Expand
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