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Red List of Bulgarian vascular plants
The national threat status of 898 species of vascular plants from the Bulgarian flora has been evaluated using Version 3.1 of the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. The resulting Red List of theExpand
Patterns and levels of variation within section Phacocystis of genus Carex ( Cyperaceae ) in Bulgaria
Morphological, karyological and foliar epidermal analyses have been made of the sedges from sect. Phacocystis in Bulgaria. The morphological data have been processed by cluster analysis, stepwiseExpand
Variation patterns within the genusCarex L. sect.Digitatae(Fries) Christ in Bulgaria
Seventeen natural Bulgarian populations of the species of the genusCarex sect.Digitatae were studied morphologically and karyologically and a subset of characters contributing most for separation of groups of populations from different taxa were found. Expand