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Sexual dimorphism in the crania and mandibles of South African whites.
A total of 12 standard cranial and five mandibular measurements were taken from 44 male and 47 female skeletons of known sex and race from the Pretoria and Dart collections and subjected to SPSS discriminant function analysis. Expand
Sex determination from the femur and tibia in South African whites.
With the current high incidence of violent crimes in South Africa, it has become very important to be able to determine the sex of individuals from their skeletal remains. The aim of this study is toExpand
Metric sex determination from the pelvis in modern Greeks.
It was found that measurements of the sciatic notch were unreliable and yielded poor results, and it is advisable that this characteristic must only be used as a last resort to make the formulae usable on fragmented remains. Expand
Osteometric variation in the humerus: sexual dimorphism in South Africans.
The results indicated that the head and epicondylar diameters are the best in whites to differentiate sexes from each other, while head diameter and maximum length are best in blacks. Expand
Metric analysis of sex differences in South African black and white pelves.
Evidence is provided of the significant sex differences that exist between the pelves of South African whites and blacks whilst measurements used here for discriminant function analysis gave classifications with high accuracies that can be used in the identification of human skeletal remains in South Africa. Expand
Facial reconstruction: soft tissue thickness values for South African black females.
The aim of this study was to develop soft tissue thickness (STT) values for South African black females for application to FFR, to compare these values to existing literature or databases and to add thesevalues to existing population data. Expand
Stature estimation from bones of South African whites
The aim of this study was to derive regression formulae for the estimation of total skeletal height, and thereafter to predict stature in South African whites using long bone lengths, which are generally relevant to theoretical and practical issues in forensic anthropology. Expand
Investigation into the usability of geometric morphometric analysis in assessment of sexual dimorphism.
This paper aims to investigate the usability of Geometric morphometrics by assessing three different morphologic characteristics in a sample of South African blacks: shape of the greater sciatic notch, mandibular ramus flexure, andshape of the orbits. Expand
Craniometric determination of population affinity in South Africans
Prediction accuracy was considerably lower when North American based formulae were tested on the South Africans, indicating significant craniometric differences between these populations. Expand
The effect of body size on the rate of decomposition in a temperate region of South Africa.
Results indicated that rapid decomposition occurs during the early stages of decomposition for both samples, indicating that body size does have an effect on the rate of decompositions. Expand