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An Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology
1. Knowledge and Justification. 2. Epistemology and Philosophical Analysis. 3. A Priori Knowledge. 4. The Concept of Epistemic Justification. 5. Foundationalism. 6. Coherentism. 7. The Debate overExpand
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Knowledge and the state of nature : an essay in conceptual synthesis
Nature and motivation of project. Doubts answered. Plato, Pears, Hobbes, comparison with state-of-nature theory in political philosophy. Evolutionary epistemology Derivation of first condition theExpand
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Belief control and intentionality
  • M. Steup
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  • 1 September 2012
In this paper, I argue that the rejection of doxastic voluntarism is not as straightforward as its opponents take it to be. Expand
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The Analysis of Knowledge
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Doxastic freedom
Compatibilist doxastic freedom Compatibilism entails that our actions are mostly free. Expand
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The Question When I take a sip from the coffee in my cup, I can taste that it is sweet. When I hold the cup with my hands, I can feel that it is hot. Why does the experience of feeling that the cupExpand
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Contemporary Debates in Epistemology
Notes on Contributors. Preface. Part I: Knowledge and Skepticism. Introduction, Matthias Steup (St. Cloud State University). 1. Is Knowledge Closed under Known Entailment?. The Case against Closure,Expand
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Doxastic voluntarism and epistemic deontology
Epistemic deontology is the view that the concept of epistemic justification is deontological: a justified belief is, by definition, an epistemically permissible belief. I defend this view againstExpand
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Recensioni/Reviews-Knowledge, Truth, and Duty. Essays on Epistemic Justification, Responsibility, and Virtue
This volume gathers eleven new and three previously published essays on the fertile connection between ethics and epistemology. They examine the following topics: epistemic duty, doxasticExpand
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Real Knowing New Versions of the Coherence Theory
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