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Dynamic Searchable Encryption in Very-Large Databases: Data Structures and Implementation
This work designs and implements dynamic symmetric searchable encryption schemes that efficiently and privately search server-held encrypted databases with tens of billions of record-keyword pairs and reports on an implementation that uses the dynamic SSE schemes developed here as the basis for supporting recent SSE advances, including complex search queries and richer operational settings. Expand
Highly-Scalable Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Support for Boolean Queries
This work presents the design and analysis of the first searchable symmetric encryption (SSE) protocol that supports conjunctive search and general Boolean queries on outsourced symmetrically-Expand
Diffie-Hellman key distribution extended to group communication
This paper considers a class of protocols that are natural extensions of DiffieHellman to the n-party case and argues that these protocols are optimal with respect to certain aspects of protocol complexity. Expand
Key Agreement in Dynamic Peer Groups
This paper discusses all group key agreement operations and presents a concrete protocol suite, CLIQUES, which offers complete key agreement services and is based on multiparty extensions of the well-known Diffie-Hellman key exchange method. Expand
New multiparty authentication services and key agreement protocols
This paper studies the problem of authenticated key agreement in dynamic peer groups with the emphasis on efficient and provably secure key authentication, key confirmation, and integrity. Expand
Outsourced symmetric private information retrieval
The OXT protocol is extended to support arbitrary boolean queries in all of the above models while withstanding adversarial non-colluding servers (D and E) and arbitrarily malicious clients, and while preserving the remarkable performance of the protocol. Expand
Authenticated group key agreement and friends
This paper studies the problem of authenticated key agreement in dynamic peer groups with the emphasis on e cient and provably secure key authentication, key con rmation and integrity. Expand
CLIQUES: a new approach to group key agreement
A protocol suite, called CLIQUES, is developed by extending the well known Diffie-Hellman key agreement method to support dynamic group operations to solve the problem of key agreement in a group setting with highly dynamic group member population. Expand
Refinement and extension of encrypted key exchange
This paper discusses a possible weakness in the proposed protocol, develops some enhancements and simplifications, and provides a security analysis of the resultant minimal EKE protocol, which yields a protocol with some interesting properties. Expand
The State of the Art in Electronic Payment Systems
An overview of electronic payment systems is provided, focusing on issues related to security, which can actually provide better security than traditional means of payments, in addition to flexibility. Expand