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String-Stable CACC Design and Experimental Validation: A Frequency-Domain Approach
The design of a cooperative adaptive cruise-control (CACC) system, the string-stability characteristics of the practical setup, and experimental results are presented. Expand
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Energy management strategies for vehicular electric power systems
This paper presents an extensive study on controlling the vehicular electric power system to reduce the fuel use and emissions, by generating and storing electrical energy only at the most suitable moments. Expand
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Repetitive control for systems with uncertain period-time
  • M. Steinbuch
  • Engineering, Computer Science
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  • 1 December 2002
Repetitive control is useful if periodic disturbances act on a control system. Expand
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Trajectory planning and feedforward design for electromechanical motion systems
This paper considers trajectory planning with given design constraints and design of a feedforward controller for single-axis motion control with fourth-order trajectories. Expand
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Stability Analysis of Networked Control Systems Using a Switched Linear Systems Approach
In this paper, we study the stability of networked control systems (NCSs) that are subject to time-varying transmission intervals, time-variating transmission delays, and communication constraints. Expand
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Design of noise and period-time robust high-order repetitive control, with application to optical storage
A convex optimization problem is defined for the design of high-order repetitive controllers, where a trade-off can be made between robustness for changes in the period time and for reduction of the error spectrum in-between the harmonic frequencies. Expand
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A fast algorithm to computer the H ∞ -norm of a transfer function matrix
Abstract A fast algorithm is presented to compute the H ∞ - norm of a transfer function matrix, based on the relation between the singular values of the transfer function matrix and the eigenvaluesExpand
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Parametric Uncertainty Modeling using LFTs
In this paper a general approach for modelling structured real-valued parametric perturbations is presented. Expand
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Performance analysis of reset control systems
In this paper we present a general linear matrix inequality-based analysis method to determine the performance of a SISO reset control system in both the ℒ2 gain and ℋ2 sense. In particular, weExpand
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MIMO feed-forward design in wafer scanners using a gradient approximation-based algorithm
An experimental demonstration is given of a data-based multi-input multi-output (MIMO) feed-forward control design applied to the motion systems of a wafer scanner. Atop a nominal single-inputExpand
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