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Space–Time Covariance Functions
This work considers a number of properties of space–time covariance functions and how these relate to the spatial-temporal interactions of the process. First, it examines how the smoothness away fromExpand
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Spatial variation of total column ozone on a global scale
The spatial dependence of total column ozone varies strongly with latitude, so that homogeneous models (invariant to all rotations) are clearly unsuitable. However, an assumption of axial symmetry,Expand
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Nonstationary spatial covariance functions
A method is described for producing explicit nonstationary spatial covariance functions that, for example, allows both the local geometric anisotropy and the degree of differentiability to varyExpand
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Statistical Interpolation of Spatial Data: Some Theory for Kriging
This disclosure covers a method of removing a preselected portion of the fat or oil from the surface of a vessel of aqueous fluid. An edible carbohydrate fatty acid ester in powdered form (preferablyExpand
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A modeling approach for large spatial datasets
Abstract For Gaussian spatial processes observed at n irregularly sited locations, exact computation of the likelihood generally requires O ( n 3 ) operations and O ( n 2 ) memory. If we can writeExpand
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Local likelihood estimation for nonstationary random fields
We develop a weighted local likelihood estimate for the parameters that govern the local spatial dependency of a locally stationary random field. Expand
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Fast and Exact Simulation of Fractional Brownian Surfaces
Fractional Brownian surfaces are commonly used as models for landscapes and other physical processes in space. This work shows how to simulate fractional Brownian surfaces on a grid efficiently andExpand
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Fixed-Domain Asymptotics for Spatial Periodograms
Abstract The periodogram for a spatial process observed on a lattice is often used to estimate the spectral density. The bases for such estimators are two asymptotic properties that periodogramsExpand
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An Approach to Producing Space–Time Covariance Functions on Spheres
We develop space– time covariance functions on sphere × time that are flexible in producing space–time interactions and give different covariance structures along different latitudes. Expand
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How to write plain English
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