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Chaparrolide and castelanolide, new bitter principles from Castela nicholsoni
Abstract Three additional lactones, two of them new, have been isolated from extracts of Castela nicholsoni Hook. from which chaparrin, glaucarubol, glaucarubol 15-isovalerate and amarolide have
Torrent Classification - Base of Rational Management of Erosive Regions
A complex methodology for torrents and erosion and the associated calculations was developed during the second half of the twentieth century in Serbia. It was the "Erosion Potential Method". One of
Antioxidant activities of the constituents of Picris echoides
Some flavonoids with antioxidant properties from the aerial parts of the plant species Picris echoides (family Asteraceae) were identified. Upon chromatography, the ethyl acetate extract afforded
Steroidal geminal dihydroperoxides and 1,2,4,5-tetraoxanes: Structure determination and their antimalarial activity
Cholestane-derived gem-dihydroperoxides and tetraoxanes were synthesized starting from 5 alpha- and 5 beta-cholestan-3-ones by acid-catalyzed addition of hydrogen peroxide to the ketone and exhibited modest activity toward D6 clone with IC50 = 155 nM.
Two‐dimensional NMR spectra of sesquiterpenes. II —Noesy study of some sesquiterpene lactones with pseudoguaianolide, 3,4‐seco‐pseudoguaianolide and guaianolide skeletons
The application of phase‐sensitive 2D 1H NOE NMR spectroscopy (PS NOESY) in the stereochemical assignment of sesquiterpene lactones such as 4‐oxo‐3,4‐seco‐ambrosan‐6,12‐olide‐3‐oic acid methyl ester,