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Goal and Scope in Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis: The Case of Hydrogen Production from Biomass
The framework for life cycle sustainability analysis (LCSA) developed within the project CALCAS (Co-ordination Action for innovation in Life-Cycle Analysis for Sustainability) is introducing a truly
Vanuatu National Leasing Profile: A Preliminary Analysis
This note summarizes findings from an analysis of Vanuatu national leasing data drawn from the Vanuatu department of lands databases for the period of 1980-2010. It provides a preliminary indication
The price of tourism : land alienation in Vanuatu
Driven mainly by foreign investment in the areas of tourism, financial services and land development, it is expatriates who are primarily reaping the gains of business development. This lack of
Environmental assessment of electricity generation from an Italian anaerobic digestion plant
Abstract A standard ISO Life Cycle Assessment study was carried out to evaluate the environmental sustainability of electricity production from an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant using a mixture of
The Med Diet 4.0 framework: a multidimensional driver for revitalizing the Mediterranean diet as a sustainable diet model.
Abstract The Mediterranean diet (MD), despite the fact that it is acknowledged as one of the healthiest diets in the world, is paradoxically becoming less the diet of choice in most Mediterranean
The Price of Tourism
Environmental sustainability of typical agro-food products: a scientifically sound and user friendly approach
The paper introduces an approach, developed in Agriculture & Quality programme, to evaluate the environmental sustainability of Apulian quality agro-food products that is integrated in the regional
Between International Law, Kastom and Sustainable Development: Cultural Heritage in Vanuatu
Developing island states often struggle to identify and manage natural resources in settings characterized by ‘legal pluralism’. The existence of multiple rule systems with competing claims to
Towards More Equitable Land Governance in Vanuatu : Ensuring Fair Land Dealings for Customary Groups
The regionally unique Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu provides that all land in Vanuatu belongs to custom owners and their descendants and that the rules of custom shall form the basis of