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The subtilin gene of Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 is encoded in an operon that contains a homolog of the hemolysin B transport protein.
Sequence analysis upstream from the subtilin structural gene (spaS) in Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6633 revealed several open reading frames, SpaB, SpaC, and SpaD. SpaB, consisting of 599 amino acidExpand
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Cucumber mosaic virus-associated RNA 5. XI. Comparison of 14 CARNA 5 variants relates ability to induce tomato necrosis to a conserved nucleotide sequence.
Seven CARNA 5 (Cucumber mosaic virus-Associated RNA 5) variants were obtained from an Indonesian cucumber mosaic virus isolate (designated CMV-In) by serial passage of this virus in squash,Expand
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Characterization of the nisin gene as part of a polycistronic operon in the chromosome of Lactococcus lactis ATCC 11454.
The location and organization of the nisin locus in Lactococcus lactis ATCC 11454 were studied. Primer extension of in vivo mRNA transcripts of the gene that encodes the nisin prepropeptide sequenceExpand
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In-vitro translation of cucumoviral satellites III. Translational efficiencies of cucumber mosaic virus-associated RNA 5 sequence variants can be related to the predicted secondary structures of
The cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) satellites D- and S-CARNA 5 (CARNA 5= Cucumber mosaic virus-Associated RNA 5), their full-length cDNA clone transcripts, and DNA clone transcripts of their openExpand
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