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A solid-state light–matter interface at the single-photon level
Coherent and reversible mapping of quantum information between light and matter is an important experimental challenge in quantum information science. In particular, it is an essential requirementExpand
A Solid-State Light-Matter Interface at the Single Photon Level
Researchers have developed quantum memory that is multi-mode and well-adapted for time-bin qubits.
Proposal for a coherent quantum memory for propagating microwave photons
We describe a multi-mode quantum memory for propagating microwave photons that combines a solid-state spin ensemble resonantly coupled to a frequency tunable single-mode microwave cavity. We firstExpand
Investigations of optical coherence properties in an erbium-doped silicate fiber for quantum state storage
We studied optical coherence properties of the 1.53 lm telecommunication transition in an Er 3+ -doped silicate optical fiber through spectral holeburning and photon echoes. We find decoherence timesExpand
Saturation of Cs2 Photoassociation in an Optical Dipole Trap
We present studies of strong coupling in single-photon photoassociation of cesium dimers using an optical dipole trap. A thermodynamic model of the trap depletion dynamics is employed to extractExpand
Towards Long-Distance Quantum Communication
We study Erbium-doped LiNbO3waveguides for storage and readout of light pulses based on stimulated photon-echoes. Our results are promising in view of storage of single-photon quantum states asExpand
Spectral hole-burning spectroscopy in Nd3+: YVO4
We present spectral hole-burning measurements on the 879 nm, I-4(9/2) -> F-4(3/2) transition in Nd3+ : YVO4. We observe antiholes in the spectrum along with long lived spectral holes, whichExpand
Fidelity of an optical memory based on stimulated photon echoes.
We investigated the preservation of information encoded into the relative phase and amplitudes of optical pulses during storage and retrieval in an optical memory based on stimulated photon echo. ByExpand
Photoassociation inside an optical dipole trap: absolute rate coefficients and Franck–Condon factors
We present quantitative measurements of the photoassociation of cesium molecules inside a far-detuned optical dipole trap. A model of the trap-depletion dynamics is derived which allows us to extractExpand
Interference of multimode photon echoes generated in spatially separated solid-state atomic ensembles.
High-visibility interference of photon echoes generated in spatially separated solid-state atomic ensembles is demonstrated. The solid-state ensembles were LiNbO(3) waveguides doped with erbium ionsExpand