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Neuritogenic and Neuroprotective Effects of Polar Steroids from the Far East Starfishes Patiria pectinifera and Distolasterias nipon
The neuritogenic and neuroprotective activities of six starfish polar steroids, asterosaponin Р1, (25S)-5α-cholestane-3β,4β,6α,7α,8,15α,16β,26-octaol, andExpand
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Membrane and synaptic effects of anti-S-100 are prevented by the same antibodies in low concentrations.
Effects of antiserum to S-100 protein (AS-100) in high (HC, corresponding to antiserum dilution 1:5 - 1:50) and low (LC, 1:10(12)) concentrations were studied in identified snail neurons and ratExpand
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In Vitro Effects of Bipathic Treatment with Antibodies in Ultralow Doses during Long-Term Post-tetanic Potentiation
We studied the effects of individual or combination treatment with monoclonal antibodies 5F5-B6 in ultralow doses specifically marking mossy fibers in rat hippocampus and antibodies to S100 proteinExpand
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Studies on the Interaction of Ca2+ Ions with Some Fractions of the Neurospecific S‐100 Protein
Abstract: Fractions of neurospecific S‐100 protein were purified from bovine brain and their physicochemical properties were studied. Conformational changes caused by the binding of calcium to S‐100Expand
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S100, a brain-specific protein: Localization and possible role in the snail nervous system
Immunofluorescence techniques were used to show that S100 is present on the surface of neuronal and glial membranes of Helix pomatia in vitro. By the method of rocket immunoelectrophoresis ofExpand
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Neuroprotective effect of ultra-low doses of antibodies against S100 protein in neuroblastoma culture during oxygen and glucose deprivation
Antibodies against S100 protein applied in high and ultra-high dilutions possess neuroprotective activity and maintain survival of neuroblastoma C-1300 cells under conditions of oxygen and glucoseExpand
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Biological Effects of Anti‐Brain Antibodies. Electrophysiological, Immunochemical, and Behavioral Aspects
It has been established that the specificity of the functions of various organs and tissues is considerably conditioned by their specific protein compositions. Therefore it may be assumed that theExpand
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Neurotrophic effects of polyhydroxylated steroids and steroid glycosides in cultured neuroblastoma cells
The effects of steroid compounds from Pacific Ocean starfishes were studied using cultured neuroblastoma C-1300 cells. Vital observations and examination of silverimpregnated preparations showed thatExpand
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New Neuritogenic Steroid Glycosides from the Vietnamese Starfish Linckia Laevigata
Two new steroid glycosides, linckosides L1 (1) and L2 (2), were isolated, along with the previously known echinasteroside C (3) from the ethanolic extract of the Vietnamese blue starfish, LinckiaExpand
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