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Information security - principles and practice
Now updatedyour expert guide to twenty-first century information securityInformation security is a rapidly evolving field. As businesses and consumers become increasingly dependent on complexExpand
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Hunting for metamorphic engines
In this paper, we analyze several metamorphic virus generators. We define a similarity index and use it to precisely quantify the degree of metamorphism that each generator produces. Then we presentExpand
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A Revealing Introduction to Hidden Markov Models
  • M. Stamp
  • Computer Science
  • 22 September 2017
Suppose we want to determine the average annual temperature at a particular location on earth over a series of years. To make it interesting, suppose the years we are concerned with lie in theExpand
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An algorithm for the k-error linear complexity of binary sequences with period 2n
Certain applications require pseudo-random sequences which are unpredictable in the sense that recovering more of the sequence from a short segment must be computationally infeasible. It is shownExpand
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Structural entropy and metamorphic malware
Metamorphic malware is capable of changing its internal structure without altering its functionality. A common signature is nonexistent in highly metamorphic malware and, consequently, such malwareExpand
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Opcode graph similarity and metamorphic detection
In this paper, we consider a method for computing the similarity of executable files, based on opcode graphs. We apply this technique to the challenging problem of metamorphic malware detection andExpand
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Handbook of Information and Communication Security
The Handbook of Information and Communication Security covers some of the latest advances in fundamentals, cryptography, intrusion detection, access control, networking (including extensive sectionsExpand
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A comparison of static, dynamic, and hybrid analysis for malware detection
In this research, we compare malware detection techniques based on static, dynamic, and hybrid analysis. Specifically, we train Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) on both static and dynamic feature sets andExpand
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Hunting for undetectable metamorphic viruses
  • Da Lin, M. Stamp
  • Computer Science
  • Journal in Computer Virology
  • 1 August 2011
Commercial anti-virus scanners are generally signature based, that is, they scan for known patterns to determine whether a file is infected. To evade signature-based detection, virus writers haveExpand
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Metamorphic worm that carries its own morphing engine
Metamorphic malware changes its internal structure across generations, but its functionality remains unchanged. Well-designed metamorphic malware will evade signature detection. Recent research hasExpand
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