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Methadone and its role in drug-related fatalities in Cologne 1989-2000.
In comparison with other studies the percentage of methadone-positive specimens is low, even though the proportion of specimens positive for methamphetamine increased from 1989 to 2000, and the management of substitution therapy and the available literature are discussed. Expand
Determination of the sequence of gunshot wounds of the skull.
In cases of multiple blunt force injury to the skull, analysis of skull fractures, using Puppe's rule, may provide evidence on the sequence in which the injuries occurred, and the relevance of these findings for autopsy practice is discussed. Expand
Multiple skeletal muscle metastases from malignant pleural mesothelioma.
The long survival time of the patient and his protracted preterminal immobility could have contributed to the unusual formation of multiple skeletal muscle metastases in malignant mesothelioma. Expand
[Value of postmortem computed tomography in comparison to autopsy].
CT is a useful and complementary method to autopsy and shows diagnostic problems in the assessment of pneumonic infiltrations and pulmonary edema. Expand
The rotationally-resolved absorption spectrum of formaldehyde from 6547 to 6804 cm−1
The room temperature absorption spectrum of formaldehyde, H2CO, from 6547 to 6804 cm i1 (1527 to 1470 nm) is reported with a spectral resolution of 0.001 cm i1 . The spectrum was measured usingExpand
Complementary empirical study on the driver fitness of methadone substitution patients
It was found that methadone-substituted patients in the sample were usually unfit to drive, despite being given a high motivation to succeed. Expand
Resolution of apolipoprotein B repeat unit position variants on agarose, denaturing, and native polyacrylamide gels
Depending on the variation in the region of pure AT repeat units, the potential secondary structures of hairpin loop formation differed for subtypes and ladder alleles, which is thought to explain the shift in electrophoretic mobility on native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Expand
[Postmortem increase in potassium in the vitreous humor. Which parameters are suitable as indicators of antemortem agonal electrolyte imbalance?].
The study revealed that sodium, urea, chloride, and calcium are of great value in indicating antemortem electrolyte imbalance because of their stability in the vitreous humor after death. Expand
Benzodiazepines and driving performance
This paper summarises a comprehensive review of benzodiazepines in relation to driving performance, recently published by the authors. The following aspects of work on this subject are considered:Expand