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Dynamics of lean blowout of a swirl-stabilized flame in a gas turbine model combustor
Abstract Lean blowout (LBO) of a partially premixed swirl flame is studied using chemiluminescence imaging and simultaneous stereo-PIV and OH-PLIF measurements at repetition rates up to 5 kHz. TheExpand
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Flow–flame interactions causing acoustically coupled heat release fluctuations in a thermo-acoustically unstable gas turbine model combustor
Abstract A detailed analysis of the flow–flame interactions associated with acoustically coupled heat-release rate fluctuations was performed for a 10 kW, CH4/air, swirl stabilized flame in a gasExpand
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Experimental study of vortex-flame interaction in a gas turbine model combustor
Abstract The interaction of a helical precessing vortex core (PVC) with turbulent swirl flames in a gas turbine model combustor is studied experimentally. The combustor is operated with air andExpand
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Exact Penalization of Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints
We study theoretical and computational aspects of an exact penalization approach to mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints (MPECs). In the first part, we prove that aExpand
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Experimental study of industrial gas turbine flames including quantification of pressure influence on flow field, fuel/air premixing and flame shape
Abstract A commercial swirl burner for industrial gas turbine combustors was equipped with an optically accessible combustion chamber and installed in a high-pressure test-rig. Several premixedExpand
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PIV, 2D-LIF and 1D-Raman measurements of flow field, composition and temperature in premixed gas turbine flames
Several laser diagnostic measurement techniques have been applied to study the lean premixed natural gas/air flames of an industrial swirl burner. This was made possible by equipping the burner withExpand
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Experimental Analysis of Soot Formation and Oxidation in a Gas Turbine Model Combustor Using Laser Diagnostics
Sooting ethylene/air flames were investigated experimentally in a dual swirl gas turbine model combustor with good optical access at atmospheric pressure. The goals of the investigations were aExpand
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Transient effects of fuel-air mixing in a partially-premixed turbulent swirl flame
Abstract Unsteady interactions of flow, fuel–air mixing and reaction in a lean partially-premixed turbulent swirl flame are investigated using simultaneous particle image velocimetry and planarExpand
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Autoignition Limits of Hydrogen at Relevant Reheat Combustor Operating Conditions
The use of highly reactive fuels in the lean premixed combustion systems employed in stationary gas turbines can lead to many practical problems, such as unwanted autoignition in regions not designedExpand
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