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Association of a badnavirus with citrus mosaic disease in India
The virus, named citrus mosaic badnavirus (CMBV), was graft- and dodder-transmitted to 13 of 14 citrus species and cultivars, and was transmitted by mechanical inoculation from symptomatic citrus to healthy Citrus decumana.
First report of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus in Australia
Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus is reported for the first time from Australia, detected in watermelons affected by a severe mosaic and stunted foliar development near Katherine.
Characterization of a Filamentous Virus Associated with Citrus Ringspot in India
Author(s): Byadgi, A. S.; Ahlawat, Y. S.; Chakraborty, N. K.; Varma, A.; Srivastava, M.; Milne, R. G.
Association of a Rhabdovirus With Yellow Vein Mosaic, A New Disease of Citrus
Author(s): Ahlawat, Y. S.; Chakraborty, N. K.; Jagadishchandra, K.; Srivastava, M.; Varma, A.