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Association of a badnavirus with citrus mosaic disease in India
A previously unreported badnavirus was found to be associated with a mosaic disease occurring commonly in orchard trees and nursery plants of citrus in India. The virus had 30 x 150 nm nonenvelopedExpand
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H19 and Igf2 monoallelic expression is regulated in two distinct ways by a shared cis acting regulatory region upstream of H19.
H19 and Igf2 are expressed in a monoallelic fashion from the maternal and paternal chromosomes, respectively. A region upstream of H19 has been shown to regulate such imprinted expression of bothExpand
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Pharmacogenomics of cystic fibrosis.
Pharmacogenomics is becoming a frontline instrument of drug discovery, where the drug-dependent patterns of global gene expression are employed as biologically relevant end points. In the case ofExpand
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Molecular Characterization of Non-Human Primate Zona Pellucida Glycoproteins
Zona pellucida is comprised of three distinct families of glycoproteins, ZP1, ZP2 and ZP3 which plays an important role at various stages of fertilization. To elucidate further the potential of ZPExpand
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