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Shape separation of gold nanorods using centrifugation
The theoretical analysis and experiments demonstrate the viability of using centrifugation to shape-separate a mixture of colloidal particles and the hydrodynamic behavior of nanoparticles of various shapes.
Structural Origin of Circularly Polarized Iridescence in Jeweled Beetles
The iridescent metallic green beetle, Chrysina gloriosa, possesses an exoskeleton decorated by hexagonal cells that coexist with pentagons and heptagons, and it is inferred that the patterns are structurally and optically analogous to the focal conic domains formed spontaneously on the free surface of a cholesteric liquid crystal.
Three-Dimensionally Ordered Array of Air Bubbles in a Polymer Film
We report the formation of a three-dimensionally ordered array of air bubbles of monodisperse pore size in a polymer film through a templating mechanism based on thermocapillary convection. Dilute
Spontaneous emergence of chirality in achiral lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals confined to cylinders
It is shown that sufficient anisotropy in the elastic constants drives the transition from a deformation-free ground state to a doubly twisted structure, and results in spontaneous symmetry breaking with equal probability for either handedness.