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Pan-American Chironomus calligraphus Goeldi, 1905 (Diptera, Chironomidae): Species or Complex? Evidence from External Morphology, Karyology and DNA Sequencing
Morphology and karyology show minor and clinal regional differences, whereas mtDNA sequences suggest the sympatric coexistence of two haplotype groups, however, taxonomic distinctions are considered unwarranted pending further evidence.
An integrative approach to the taxonomy of the crown-of-thorns starfish species group (Asteroidea: Acanthaster): A review of names and comparison to recent molecular data.
The scientific names and taxonomic concepts for species and subspecies in Acanthaster are compared to recently published, robust COI-barcoding clades and several problems with earlier nomenclatural and bibliographic data are resolved.
Cryptic species in the nuisance midge Polypedilum nubifer (Skuse (Diptera: Chironomidae) and the status of Tripedilum Kieffer.
A morphological study of larvae, pupae and adults of both sexes confirmed P. nubifer as widely distributed and frequently abundant, but also revealed two previously cryptic species of limited distribution in northern Australia.
Description of Chaetocladius longivirgatus sp. n., with a review of C. suecicus (Kieffer) (Diptera: Chironomidae)
The male imago of Chaetocladius longivirgatus sp. n. is described and diagnosed against a refined characterization of the species understood as C. suecicus (Kieffer) since Edwards (1929). The two
On selected family-group names in Chironomidae (Insecta, Diptera), and related nomenclature
The most relevant scientific names of subfamilies, tribes, and subtribes with extant members in Chironomidae are tabulated and discussed. Nomenclature is unified and stabilized, resulting in the
A Contribution to the Knowledge of Holarctic Parachironomus Lenz (Diptera: Chironomidae), With Two New Species and a Provisional Key to Nearctic Adult Males
The selection of species for the present work perhaps does not form a monophyletic grouping, but is rather a result of the author’s interpretation of the available information, and the integration of data on all stages are required for an authoritative Holarctic revision.
Notes and recommendations on taxonomy and nomenclature of Chironomidae (Diptera)
Various issues in taxonomy and nomenclature of Diptera Chironomidae are discussed, in order to formalize and explain scientific names used in the Fauna Europaea database publications. General and
New species of Tanytarsus van der Wulp, 1874 (Diptera: Chironomidae) from Central America
Two new species of Tanytarsus van der Wulp, 1874 from Central America are described as male adults that show a widespread distribution in the tropical lowlands of Yucatán and occur in water bodies with a wide range of environmental conditions.