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Increasing incidence rates of soft tissue sarcomas? A population-based epidemiologic study and literature review.
The incidence rate of STS in Austria ranges in the lower half of the international incidence rates (1.8-5.0 per 100,000 per year). Different inclusion criteria (Kaposi's sarcoma and dermatofibrosarcoma) and classifications in the various studies explain the increase of incidence in some studies rather than true increase of STs due to new or accumulated risk factors. Expand
Jamming transition in granular systems.
In experiments using photoelastic disks, a rapid increase in Z at phi(c) and power-law behavior above phi (c) for Z and P is corroborated and reasonable agreement with a recent mean-field theory for frictionless particles is found. Expand
Experiments on corn pressure in silo cells – translation and comment of Janssen's paper from 1895
  • M. Sperl
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • 24 November 2005
The German engineer H.A. Janssen gave one of the first accounts of the often peculiar behavior of granular material in a paper published in German in 1895. From simple experiments with corn heExpand
Higher-order glass-transition singularities in colloidal systems with attractive interactions.
The transition from a liquid to a glass in colloidal suspensions of particles interacting through a hard core plus an attractive square-well potential is studied within the mode-coupling-theory framework and shows stretching of huge dynamical windows, in particular logarithmic time dependence. Expand
Outcome of repaired unstable meniscal tears in children and adolescents
All meniscal tears in the skeletally immature patient are amenable to repair and Simultaneous ACL reconstruction appears to benefit the results of meniscal repair. Expand
Nearly logarithmic decay of correlations in glass-forming liquids.
A schematic model, which describes the dynamics by only two correlators, yields for strong rotation-translation coupling response functions in agreement with those measured for benzophenone and Salol for the time interval extending from 2 ps to about 20 and 200 ns, respectively. Expand
Jamming for a 2D granular material
This paper focuses on the nature of jamming, as seen in two-dimensional frictional granular systems consisting of photoelastic particles. The photoelastic technique is unique at this time, in itsExpand
Dynamic glass transition in two dimensions.
The explicit d dependence of the memory functional of mode coupling for one-component systems is determined and the d=2 MCT results are in qualitative agreement with existing results from Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations. Expand
Disconnected glass-glass transitions and diffusion anomalies in a model with two repulsive length scales.
A novel scenario for multiple glass transitions in a purely repulsive spherical potential: the square shoulder, featuring two distinct end point singularities that give rise to logarithmic decays in the dynamics is reported. Expand
Pressure and motion of dry sand: translation of Hagen’s paper from 1852
In a remarkable paper from 1852, Gotthilf Heinrich Ludwig Hagen measured and explained two fundamental aspects of granular matter: The first effect is the saturation of pressure with depth in aExpand