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Molecular phylogenetics reveal multiple tertiary vicariance origins of the African rain forest trees
Molecular phylogenetic dating analyses of this large pan-African clade of Annonaceae unravels an interesting pattern of diversification for rain forest restricted trees co-occurring in West/Central and East African rain forests.
Africa's hotspots of biodiversity redefined
This study evaluates the hotspots postulated by Myers and compares them to a set of redefined hotspots proposed on the basis of mapped distribution data for 5985 plant species for sub-Saharan Africa, and finds that the two sets of hotspots overlap by 48%.
Exploring the floristic diversity of tropical Africa
RAINBIO – one of the largest mega-databases of tropical African vascular plant species distributions ever compiled – is used to address questions about plant and growth form diversity across tropical Africa, and is important for achieving Objective 1 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation 2011–2020.
Begonias and African rain forest refuges: general aspects and recent progress
In tropical Africa during the last glacial the climate was cooler and drier and the ram forest retreated. It remained present in several small forest refuge areas only. The species of two sections of
Minimum required number of specimen records to develop accurate species distribution models
A novel method using simulated species to identify the minimum number of records required to generate accurate SDMs for taxa of different pre-defined prevalence classes is presented, which is applicable to any taxonomic clade or group, study area or climate scenario.
Quantifying the domestic market in herbal medicine in Benin, West Africa.
The results suggest that the domestic medicinal plant market in Benin is of substantial economic importance, and traditional spiritual beliefs seem to be a major driving force behind the trade in herbal medicine.