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Genic microsatellite markers in plants: features and applications.
Expressed sequence tag (EST) projects have generated a vast amount of publicly available sequence data from plant species; these data can be mined for simple sequence repeats (SSRs). These SSRs areExpand
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Development of High-Density Genetic Maps for Barley and Wheat Using a Novel Two-Enzyme Genotyping-by-Sequencing Approach
Advancements in next-generation sequencing technology have enabled whole genome re-sequencing in many species providing unprecedented discovery and characterization of molecular polymorphisms. ThereExpand
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Data mining for simple sequence repeats in expressed sequence tags from barley, maize, rice, sorghum and wheat
Plant genomics projects involving model species and many agriculturally important crops are resulting in a rapidly increasing database of genomic and expressed DNA sequences. The publicly availableExpand
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Optimizing parental selection for genetic linkage maps.
Genetic linkage maps based on restriction fragment length polymorphisms are useful for many purposes; however, different populations are required to fulfill different objectives. Clones from theExpand
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Association Mapping of Kernel Size and Milling Quality in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars
Association mapping is a method for detection of gene effects based on linkage disequilibrium (LD) that complements QTL analysis in the development of tools for molecular plant breeding. In thisExpand
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Genomic Selection in Wheat Breeding using Genotyping‐by‐Sequencing
Genomic selection (GS) uses genomewide molecular markers to predict breeding values and make selections of individuals or breeding lines prior to phenotyping. Here we show thatExpand
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Abundance, variability and chromosomal location of microsatellites in wheat
The potential of microsatellite sequences as genetic markers in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum) was investigated with respect to their abundance, variability, chromosomal location and usefulnessExpand
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Genome-wide comparative diversity uncovers multiple targets of selection for improvement in hexaploid wheat landraces and cultivars
Domesticated crops experience strong human-mediated selection aimed at developing high-yielding varieties adapted to local conditions. To detect regions of the wheat genome subject to selectionExpand
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Isolation of EST-derived microsatellite markers for genotyping the A and B genomes of wheat
Abstract  Genetic variation present in 64 durum wheat accessions was investigated by using three sources of microsatellite (SSR) markers: EST-derived SSRs (EST-SSRs) and two sources of SSRs isolatedExpand
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Genomic Selection for Crop Improvement
Despite important strides in marker technologies, the use of marker-assisted selection has stagnated for the improvement of quantitative traits. Biparental mating designs for the detection of lociExpand
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