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Review Article Silicon pools and fluxes in soils and landscapes—a review
Silicon (Si) is the second-most abundant element in the earth's crust. In the pedosphere, however, huge spans of Si contents occur mainly caused by Si redistribution in soil profiles and landscapes.Expand
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Review of methodologies for extracting plant-available and amorphous Si from soils and aquatic sediments
There is a variety of methodologies used in the aquatic sciences and soil sciences for extracting different forms of Si from sediments and soils. However, a comparison of the published extractionExpand
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Assessing the extraction and quantification of amorphous silica in soils of forest and grassland ecosystems
The objective of this study was to evaluate different methodologies with regard to their ability to extract the amorphous silica (ASi) content of soils from diverse geochemical settings. The methodsExpand
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Effects of grazing and topography on dust flux and deposition in the Xilingele grassland, Inner Mongolia
Abstract The dynamics of dust emission and deposition in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia were investigated during a measuring campaign from April to May 2005 in grazed and un-grazed plots. BothExpand
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Podzol: Soil of the Year 2007. A review on its genesis, occurrence, and functions
The Podzol has been elected “Soil of the year 2007” in Germany. This article reviews the present knowledge on the development, functions, and threats of Podzols. The main theories on mobilization andExpand
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The uncertainty of the atmospheric integrated water vapour estimated from GNSS observations
Abstract. Within the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN) there is a need for an assessment of the uncertainty in the integrated water vapour (IWV) in theExpand
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Effect of grazing on wind driven carbon and nitrogen ratios in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia
Abstract Wind erosion and dust storms are common phenomena in the semi-arid Xilingele grassland (Inner Mongolia) and contribute considerably to matter balances. Dust emission and dust depositionExpand
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Methane emissions, groundwater levels and redox potentials of common wetland soils in a temperate‐humid climate
Typical groundwater soils in a temperate-humid climate were investigated for the relationship between methane emissions and dynamic (groundwater level, redox status) as well as static soil propertiesExpand
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Variability of soil methane production on the micro-scale: spatial association with hot spots of organic material and Archaeal populations
Abstract High temporal and spatial variability is a key problem when quantifying methane emissions from soils. Whereas the spatial variability on the landscape scale has been investigated inExpand
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Temporal variations in PM10 and particle size distribution during Asian dust storms in Inner Mongolia
Abstract Two types of increased atmospheric dust concentration could be distinguished in the Xilingele grassland in the Chinese Province of Inner Mongolia, based on the dust origin i.e. local versusExpand
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