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Antimicrobial and cytotoxic constituents from leaves of Sapium baccatum.
The result suggested that the isolated compounds might be contain antitumor or pesticidal activity and the methanol extract and four column fractions showed significant activity against the tested microorganisms.
Cytotoxic and antibacterial naphthoquinones from an endophytic fungus, Cladosporium sp.
The findings indicate that anhydrofusarubin and methyl ether of fusarUBin might be useful lead compounds to develop potential cytotoxic and antimicrobial drugs.
Dinemasones A, B and C – New Bioactive Metabolites from the Endophytic Fungus Dinemasporium strigosum
Two new bioactive metabolites 1a and 2a (dinemasones A, B) were isolated in pure form and one as the diacetate 3b of dinemasone C (3a) from the ethyl acetate extract of Dinemasporium strigosum
Total synthesis of Angucyclines. Part 18: A short and efficient synthesis of (+)-ochromycinone
Abstract A short and highly enantiospecific (seven steps, 99% ee) synthesis of (+)-ochromycinone 2 in 19% overall yield is reported. Key steps are the regioselective Diels–Alder reaction of the
Cytotoxic, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties of Commelina diffusa Burm. F.
Commelina diffusa Burm. F. is a herbaceous tropical plant with different traditional medicinal uses. Present study is aimed to isolate the bioactive compounds from DCM-Methanol extract of the
Cytotoxic Naphthoquinone and Azaanthraquinone Derivatives from an Endophytic Fusarium solani.
Bioactivity-guided fractionation of the ethyl acetate extract obtained from the culture of the endophytic fungus Fusarium solani resulted in the isolation of one new naphthoquinone,
Secondary metabolites from the stem of Ravenia spectabilis Lindl
Background: Ravenia spectabilis is a medium tall shrub found widespread in South America. It also found in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Few alkaloid and steroid compounds were reported from the
Highly Oxygenated Flavonoids from the Leaves of Nicotiana plumbaginifolia (Solanaceae)
Nicotiana plumbaginifolia Viv. is an annual herb of the family Solanaceae, which grows abundantly in the weedy lands of Bangladesh. This plant possesses analgesic, antibacterial, anti-anxiety and