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Global state of sunscreens
The role of ultraviolet (UV) filters, emollients, emulsifier systems and other components in a sunscreen, as well as trends in formulations in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific are explained.
Effect of emollients on UV filter absorbance and sunscreen efficiency.
Film thickness frequency distribution of different vehicles determines sunscreen efficacy
A strong influence of vehicle and application conditions on sunscreen efficacy arising from differences in film thickness distribution is demonstrated, underlining the relevance of film thickness for interpreting UV protection differences of formulations with the same filter composition.
Porcine Ear Skin as a Biological Substrate for in vitro Testing of Sunscreen Performance
Besides roughness, the improved affinity of the sunscreen to the skin substrate compared to PMMA plates may explain the better in vitro prediction of SPF achieved with the use of a biological substrate.
Impact of Photostability and UVA/UVA-Blue Light Protection on Free Radical Generation
This paper presents a comparison study of Photostability and UVA/UVA-Blue Light Protection on Free Radical Generation Blue Light Induced Hyperpigmentation in Skin and How to Prevent it.
Analysis of photokinetics of 2'-ethylhexyl-4-methoxycinnamate in sunscreens.
Experiments show that a high polarity of the oil phase and a high concentration of EHMC are advantageous for the photostability of this UV absorber.
Development of a Synthetic Substrate for the in vitro Performance Testing of Sunscreens
The possibilities of using alternative polymers for synthetic substrates for in vitro sunscreen testing are demonstrated, and four polymers showed a UV transmittance at 310 nm of more than 50%, as well as a total surface free energy close to the reported value for human skin.
UV Booster and Photoprotection
The trend in developing sunscreens with continuously larger SPF numbers resulted in using increased amount of UV filters, while in the meantime, there is a wish to reduce the concentration of UV
EcoSun Pass: A tool to evaluate the ecofriendliness of UV filters used in sunscreen products
The EcoSun Pass (ESP) tool was developed in order to assess the overall environmental impact of UV filters in combination with its efficacy (Sun protection Factor, SPF and UVA Protection Factor, UVA‐PF).