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Prevalence and trends of the diabetes epidemic in South Asia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
BackgroundDiabetes mellitus has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. South Asians are known to have an increased predisposition for diabetes which has become an important health concern in theExpand
Substitution of saturated with monounsaturated fat in a 4-week diet affects body weight and composition of overweight and obese men
A randomised crossover study of eight overweight or obese men (aged 24–49 years, BMI 25.5–31.3 kg/m2), who followed two diets for 4 weeks each, was performed to determine whether substitution ofExpand
The Impact of Vitamin D Levels on Inflammatory Status: A Systematic Review of Immune Cell Studies
Chronic low-grade inflammation accompanies obesity and its related chronic conditions. Both peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and cell lines have been used to study whether vitamin D hasExpand
Food consumption of Sri Lankan adults: an appraisal of serving characteristics
Abstract Objective The main aim of the present study was to identify food consumption in Sri Lankan adults based on serving characteristics. Design Cross-sectional study. Fruits, vegetables, starch,Expand
Relation of adiposity and body fat distribution to body mass index in Australians of Aboriginal and European ancestry
Objective: To compare the relations of adiposity and body fat distribution to body mass index (BMI) in Australians of Aboriginal and European ancestry.Design: Cross-sectional volunteerExpand
Is there evidence for an age-related reduction in metabolic rate?
To determine whether the age-related reduction in basal metabolic rate (BMR) is explained by a quantitative and/or qualitative change in the components of lean tissue, we conducted a cross-sectionalExpand
Certain dietary patterns are beneficial for the metabolic syndrome: reviewing the evidence.
The metabolic syndrome (MetS) is a global public health issue of increasing magnitude. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to be hardest hit due to large population numbers, rising obesity, andExpand
High dietary diversity is associated with obesity in Sri Lankan adults: an evaluation of three dietary scores
BackgroundDietary diversity is recognized as a key element of a high quality diet. However, diets that offer a greater variety of energy-dense foods could increase food intake and body weight. TheExpand
Mechanistic roles for calcium and vitamin D in the regulation of body weight
Low intakes of calcium and inadequate vitamin D status often cluster with higher prevalence rates of obesity. Consequently, there has been much interest in the mechanisms by which calcium and vitaminExpand
Predictive equations for basal metabolic rates of Indian males.
The article deals with the generation of a prediction equation for basal metabolic rate (BMR) of well-nourished Indian males, from prospective measurements on 121 males, using a single validatedExpand