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Ex-Communist Party Choices and the Electoral Success of the Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe
Ex-Communist Party Choices and the Electoral Success of the Radical Right in Central and Eastern Europe Maria Snegovaya What explains the proletarization (the increasing embrace by the blue-collarExpand
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The Party Realignment and the Success of the Populist Right in Eastern Europe
What explains the proletarization of the radical right vote in the countries of post-Communist Europe? In this paper, I argue that the electoral success of the populist and radical right parties isExpand
Fellow travelers or Trojan horses? Similarities across pro-Russian parties’ electorates in Europe:
Scholarship analyzing Russia’s influence in Europe has focused primarily on the supply-side of this relationship, especially on the links between the Kremlin and specific parties. Surprisingly few ...
Russia’s Crumbling Power Vertical: Decreasing Disposable Income Drives Discontentment
Accumulating evidence points at prospects of growing destabilization at the regional level in Russia. In 2019, five consecutive years of economic stagnation ignited a wave of protests across theExpand
Guns to butter: sociotropic concerns and foreign policy preferences in Russia
ABSTRACT On the concept of “rally around the flag,” scholars often argue that by invoking the danger of external threats in times of economic hardship, leaders can rally the public around theExpand
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Institutional and Cultural Limitations of Catching-up Countries
Following the issue of innovational potential of catching-up countries the authors consider the peculiarities of China, India and Brazil’s institutions and culture. According to their opinion, theseExpand
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What Factors Contribute to the Aggressive Foreign Policy of Russian Leaders?
This paper explores the correlates of Russia's aggressive international policy and argues that rising oil revenues increase the aggressiveness of presidential foreign policy rhetoric. Using contentExpand
Voice or exit? Political corruption and voting intentions in Hungary
ABSTRACT How does perceived political corruption affect electoral preferences? Scholarship of Eastern Europe addressed this question primarily through the study of observational data. This studyExpand