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Scales from four specimens of Latimeria chalumnae were examined in a dissecting microscope and then X-rayed. Expand
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International Trade Theory in Vintage Models
There are two main reasons why it is interesting to extend international trade theory to vintage capital models. (1) If one is concerned with the causes and effects of trade in actual machines, thenExpand
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Trade, growth and consumption in alternative models of capital accumulation
Abstract This paper shows that some of the most interesting effects of international trade on capital accumulation are essentially the same in a range of different technologies: input-output models,Expand
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Intertemporal gains from trade
Abstract The gains-from-trade theorems of atemporal trade theory have direct analogues in intertemporal models. The apparent paradoxes which arise in the comparison of steady states disappear whenExpand
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Distribution of Autofluorescence and Esterase and Peroxidase Activities in the Epidermis of Wheat Roots
In the wheat root, peroxidases and esterases specific for a-naphthyl esters of acetate, propionate and butyrate are concentrated in cell walls, particularly the outer wall of epidermal cellsExpand
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The theory of international trade in capital goods
 The central concern of this thesis is to identify and analyse the circumstances in which international trade in second-hand machines will take place, and to describe the consequences of such trade.Expand
Trade in second-hand machines: A comment
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