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Balancing Risks: The Core of Women's Decisions About Noninvasive Prenatal Testing
Background: Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) using cell-free fetal DNA is having a significant impact on the delivery of prenatal care. Our objective was to identify how pregnant womenExpand
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Determinism within human–environment research and the rediscovery of environmental causation
The popularity of the work Guns, germs and steel (GGS) has served to bring the question of human–environment connections once again to the forefront of popular thought. We assert that the recentExpand
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Profiles of anger control in second-grade children: examination of self-report, observational, and physiological components.
The current study used latent profile analysis (LPA) to examine anger control in 257 second-grade children (∼8 years of age). Anger was induced through losing a game and prize to a confederate whoExpand
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Assessment of clinical workload for general and specialty genetic counsellors at an academic medical center: a tool for evaluating genetic counselling practices
With genomics influencing clinical decisions, genetics professionals are exponentially called upon as part of multidisciplinary care. Increasing demand for genetic counselling, a limited workforce,Expand
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Treasure Underfoot and Far Away: Mining, Foreignness, and Friendship in Contemporary Mongolia
This dissertation concerns relations of international friendship in Erdenet, Mongolia. Erdenet was established in the mid-1970s by the Mongolian People’s Republic and the Soviet Union, planned andExpand
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Exploring e-cigarette policy recommendations and the role of evidence in international public health guidelines: a citation network analysis
Abstract Background Public health guidelines internationally aspire to be evidence based. However, different public health bodies have recommended adopting different approaches to e-cigarettes. WhileExpand
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Women's Perspectives on Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Detection of Sex Chromosome Abnormalities and Microdeletions [284]
INTRODUCTION: Noninvasive prenatal testing offers risk assessment for trisomy 21, 18, and 13, as well as sex chromosome abnormalities and select microdeletion syndromes. METHODS: We conducted focusExpand
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Power of the People’s Parties and a post-Soviet Parliament: Regional infrastructural, economic, and ethnic networks of power in contemporary Mongolia
In 1994, the new Orkhon Province was created, transforming the status of the Soviet-established federal municipality Erdenet, a major copper-mining center responsible for much of the country’s exportExpand