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Hexatrygonidae, a new family of stingrays (Myliobatiformes: Batoidea) from South Africa, with comments on the classification of Batoid fishes
Heemstra, P.C. and M.M. Smith. 1980. Hexatrygonidae, a New Family of Stingrays (Mylio­ batiformes: Batoidea) from South Africa, with Comments on the Classification of Batoid Fishes. IchthyologicalExpand
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A review of the South African Cheilodactylid fishes (Pisces: Perciformes), with descriptions of two new species
Two new species, Cheilodactylus pixi and Chirodactylus jessicalenorum, are added to the three known South African representatives of the Cheilodactylidae. Palunolepis is considered a junior synonymExpand
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Occupational allergy to bumblebees: allergens of Bombus terrestris.
BACKGROUND With the increase in commercial vegetable production in greenhouses, occupational sensitization to bumblebee venom is becoming more common. Studies using sera from subjects thus sensitizedExpand
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An immunologic and genetic study of asthma in workers in an aluminum smelter.
The cause or causes of asthma among employees in aluminum smelters is unknown. We attempted to ascertain whether such workers who developed asthma differed in respect to indices of immunologicalExpand
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The Title-Page, Its Early Development, 1460-1510
The late medieval manuscript's opening page was often magnificent in its ornamentation, but the logistics of book printing demanded a new development - the inclusion of a page devoted to its title.Expand
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Predictors of recidivism in DUIIs.
The prior driving records of 397 drivers arrested for drinking and driving in the year 1983 were examined with the purpose of comparing biographical factors and variables relating to driving historyExpand
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Measurement of airborne flour exposure with a monoclonal antibody-based immunoassay.
BACKGROUND The development of simple and standardised methods to measure airborne levels of workplace biological allergens is an important step in reducing the incidence of occupational asthma. SuchExpand
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Problems in deterrence: a comparison of the driving histories of DUII and non-DUII drivers.
Driving records of subjects arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII), both recidivists and nonrecidivists, were compared with records of an age- and sex-matched random sample ofExpand
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