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e-Symbiosis: technology-enabled support for industrial symbiosis targeting SMEs and innovation
The paper introduces a new paradigm for Industrial Symbiosis by pioneering the use of ontology engineering in the field. Semantics are used to model Industrial Symbiosis flows, to model enablingExpand
Vision-Based Autonomous Robot Self-Docking and Recharging
This paper presents a method for autonomous recharging of a mobile robot, a necessity for achieving long-term robotic activity without human intervention. A recharging station is designed consistingExpand
Best practices for OTT dynamic ad insertion
HTTP adaptive streaming (HAS) has become the de facto mode of delivering content for over-the-top (OTT) video services , both live and on-demand. As these services grow and mature, so does the needExpand
Laboratory astrochemistry: studying molecules under inter- and circumstellar conditions
In this paper, we outline recent developments in and the growing need for laboratory astrochemical measurements. After a short review on experimental methods, we focus primarily upon the utility ofExpand
Progress on NSTX center stack upgrade
Abstract The national spherical torus experiment (NSTX) will be upgraded to provide increased toroidal field, plasma current and pulse length. This involves the replacement of the so-called centerExpand
Soyabean meal supplementation to manage parasites in lambs grazed on organic pastures in north east Victoria.
Over 20,000 organic lambs are produced from southern Australian farming systems each year. Internal parasite infection of organic sheep and lambs is the most common production issue mentioned byExpand
The Treatment of Acne Vulgaris
  • M. Smith
  • Medicine
  • The Hospital
  • 20 July 1907
Hidden leaders: results of the national study of associate deans
ABSTRACT Associate deans serve critical leadership roles in the functioning and management in higher education administration, but there is little professional preparation for the role. This studyExpand