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Transnational Urbanism: Locating Globalization
1. Introduction: The Social Construction of Transnational Urbanism:. Why Transnational Social Practices?. Why "Transnational Urbanism"?. Why Agency--oriented Urban Theory?. On Social Constructionism.Expand
Transnational urbanism revisited
This article revisits the research optic proposed in Transnational Urbanism to take stock of the field. Social relations ‘from the middle’ are conceived in two distinct ways in the field.Expand
Transnationalism from below
Expansion of transnational capital and mass media to even the remotest of places has provoked a spate of discourses on transnationalism. A core theme in this debate is the penetration of nationalExpand
Transnationalism, the State, and the Extraterritorial Citizen
  • M. Smith
  • Political Science
  • 1 December 2003
Offering a political optic on transnationalism, this article shows how the Partido Acción Nacional from Guanajuato, Mexico, seeks to reconstitute Guanajuatense transnational migrants as clients andExpand
Global migration has reached historic levels affecting every single country in the world. One of the most significant effects of this heightened mobility has been that a growing proportion of theExpand
Can you imagine? Transnational migration and the globalization of grassroots politics
Cet article pose le probleme de l'incidence de la globalisation des echanges et de la deterritorialisation qu'elle implique sur l'identite et l'action politique. Contrairement a la depolitisationExpand
The Oligarchic Diffusion of Public Policy
Conditional cash transfer (CCT) policies are characterized as “magic bullets in development.” The New York City (NYC) CCT program, Opportunity NYC, was framed as a policy transfer experiment fromExpand
The transnational politics of the Tomato King: meaning and impact
In this article we deploy transnational ethnography to explore the transnational electoral politics by which Andres Bermudez, a successful tomato grower and labour contractor from Winters,Expand
Petitio Principii is a nuisance for the categorizer of fallacies, already a thankless enough task. First, although typically classed with the socalled “informal”fal1acies-ad hominem, ad baculum, andExpand