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The Artemis Program: An Overview of NASA's Activities to Return Humans to the Moon
NASA is developing a two-phased approach to quickly return humans to the Moon and establish a sustainable presence in orbit and on the surface. The two phases run in parallel, and both have alreadyExpand
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NASA's Gateway: An Update on Progress and Plans for Extending Human Presence to Cislunar Space
This paper provides an update on the Gateway configuration including U.S. and international element partners, status of acquisition activities, progress of the Power and Propulsion Element development; and updates on plans for Gateway utilization activity planning. Expand
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NASA's Human Landing System: The Strategy for the 2024 Mission and Future Sustainability
In response to the 2018 White House Space Policy Directive-1, to lead an innovative and sustainable lunar exploration, and to the Vice President's March 2019 direction to do so by 2024, NASA isExpand
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The next five years : World Wide Web, Internet, and ...?
The digital library will move from concept to reality. As it does the roles of many in the information chain including secondary publishers, subscription agents and document supply services willExpand
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GPS Global Tracking Network Operations At JPL During the 1992 IGS Experiment and Beyond
7-(10 JPL GPS Network Oporaticms center provides resource in personnel and equipment to support the activities of maintaining, collecting and sharing data from a global network of C$F’S receivers, 7Expand
New laparoscopy fellowship
Gastric Lap Band Surgery For Weight Loss Text
OBGYN.net Broadcasting presents Part I of a series of presentations on Weight Loss Surgery. This project is unique in that we follow the patient from pre-op to one year post-op.
Part III - Gastric Band Video
OBGYN.net Broadcasting presents Part III of a series on Weight Loss Surgery. This series is unique in that we follow the patient from pre-op to one year post-op.
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