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Cluster beams in the super-intense femtosecond laser pulse
Abstract The evolution of large atomic clusters exposed to a super-intense ultrashort laser pulse is considered. Cluster excitation results from the interaction of its electron subsystem with theExpand
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Phonon dispersion and Raman scattering in hexagonal GaN and AlN
We present the results of room- and low-temperature measurements of second-order Raman scattering for perfect GaN and AlN crystals as well as the Raman-scattering data for strongly disorderedExpand
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Experimental and theoretical studies of phonons in hexagonal InN
The first- and second-order Raman scattering and IR reflection have been studied for hexagonal InN layers grown on (0001) and (1102) sapphire substrates. All six Raman-active optical phonons wereExpand
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Vibrational and structural properties of glass and crystalline phases of TeO2
Abstract A wide-spread opinion regarding the paratellurite (α-TeO 2 ) lattice as a parent structure of TeO 2 glass is questioned. Consequently, the Raman and infrared spectra of TeO 2 glass areExpand
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Atomic structure and lattice dynamics of Ni and Mg hydroxides
Abstract Lattice dynamics of nickel hydroxide, β -Ni(OH) 2 , electrode material for current batteries, has been investigated by incoherent inelastic neutron scattering. Results are discussed throughExpand
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Low-temperature anomalies of infrared band intensities and high-pressure behavior of edingtonite
Abstract Edingtonite is a ferroelectric material of the Rochelle salt (RS) class and shows large anomalies of different properties in the temperature range of −53 to −133 °C. Classical RS exhibitsExpand
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Lattice dynamics of β-V2O5: Raman spectroscopic insight into the atomistic structure of a high-pressure vanadium pentoxide polymorph.
We report here the Raman spectrum and lattice dynamics study of a well-crystallized β-V(2)O(5) material prepared via a high-temperature/high-pressure (HT/HP) route, using α-V(2)O(5) as the precursor.Expand
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Raman spectra and lattice-dynamical calculations of natrolite
Polarized single-crystal Raman scattering and powder infrared absorption spectra of Fdd2 orthorhombic natural natrolite (Na1.88 K0.02 Ca0.04 )(Al1.96 Si3.03 O10)⋅2.03 H2O from Khibiny, KolaExpand
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Bond-switching mechanism for the zircon-scheelite phase transition
The stress-induced zircon-scheelite phase transition is theoretically studied by means of ab initio and shellmodel calculations. It is shown that this phase transition may originate from shearExpand
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Lattice-dynamical study of the alpha-beta phase transition of quartz: soft-mode behavior and elastic
The mechanism of the \ensuremath{\alpha}-\ensuremath{\beta} phase transition of quartz is investigated within the framework of a lattice-dynamical model using the pair-wise potential by Tsuneyuki etExpand
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