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The Ponder Policy Specification Language
The Ponder language provides a common means of specifying security policies that map onto various access control implementation mechanisms for firewalls, operating systems, databases and Java. It
A survey of trust in internet applications
This survey examines the various definitions of trust in the literature and provides a working definition of trust for Internet applications and some influential examples of trust management systems.
Policy driven management for distributed systems
  • M. Sloman
  • Business
    Journal of Network and Systems Management
  • 31 December 1994
This paper describes the work on policy which has come out of two related ESPRIT funded projects, SysMan and IDSM and shows how a number of example policies can be modeled using these objects and briefly mention issues relating to policy hierarchy and conflicts between overlapping policies.
GEM: a generalized event monitoring language for distributed systems
The paper discusses the effect of communication delays on composite event detection and presents a tree-based solution for dealing with out-of-order event arrivals at event monitors.
Conflicts in Policy-Based Distributed Systems Management
The paper discusses the various precedence relationships that can be established between policies in order to allow inconsistent policies to coexist within the system and presents a conflict analysis tool which forms part of a role based management framework.
A survey of quality of service in mobile computing environments
The specification and management of quality of service (QoS) is important in networks and distributed computing systems, particularly to support multimedia applications. The advent of portable laptop
Policy Conflict Analysis in Distributed System Management
The types of overlap that may occur between policies are analyzed, and it is shown that this analysis corresponds to several familiar types of policy conflict.
Ponder2: A Policy System for Autonomous Pervasive Environments
The design and implementation of Ponder2 emphasises simplicity, exibil- ity and extensibility and provides users with the ability to interact easily with the managed system, suitable for a wide range of environments and applications.
Constructing Distributed Systems in Conic
The Conic environment provides a language-based approach to the building of distributed systems which combines the simplicity and safety of a language approach with the flexibility and accessibility
Trust Management Tools for Internet Applications
The SULTAN trust management toolkit for the specification, analysis and monitoring of trust specifications is presented and the following components of the toolkit are presented: the Specification Editor, the Analysis Tool, the Risk Service and the Monitoring Service.